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馃 Brain Run
JavaScript, React Native, Android, iOS, Node.js, Express, MongoDB

A brain training game built exclusively with React Native that not only is fun to play, but also gathers anonymous biometric data to train machine learning models for continuous implicit authentication research.

鉀擄笍 btc-network
JavaScript, Node.js, Bitcoin, Docker, Shell

Tiny module that creates a btc network using docker images.

馃 cbm.js
JavaScript, Node.js, Express, MongoDB, Docker

A platform that makes JS function discovery and usage easier.

馃暢锔 cenote
Apache {Kafka, Storm, Spark}, CockroachDB, Redis, Python, Java, Node.js, Express, React, Docker

An open source (big) data management system for event processing and analytics with high scalability, zero data-loss, fault-tolerance and a near-real time Analytics-as-a-Service in mind.

馃挕 eeRIS
JavaScript, React, React Native, Node.js, Express, MongoDB, Python

An electric energy Residential Informational System, able to offer detailed information to the consumer, correlating their consumption to the use of specific household appliances, using Nonintrusive load monitoring.

馃暪锔 gh-apps
Node.js, GitHub, npm

Code to extract package.json from popular JavaScript|TypeScript repositories that are not on npm. Hence, "apps" written in JavaScript, and not packages.

馃摝 gwi
JavaScript, Node.js, React, Git

An interactive CLI that creates a generic boilerplate for new JavaScript projects. It fetches user information automatically. Highly opinionated.

馃弾锔 buy-lambo
Python, Bitcoin

Scripts to create a BTC address whose assets are locked until a specified time (or block) and after that time, transfer all funds to another address.

馃摑 eslint-config-iamnapo
JavaScript, Node.js, React

ESLint shareable config for my preferred coding style. Highly opinionated.

馃毀 just-the-cors
JavaScript, Node.js

Tiny middleware to add cors support when using zeit's micro.

馃敪 Project Euler
JavaScript, Node.js

Solving mathematical problems from the excellent project euler archives with vanilla JavaScript.

馃崿 drpcjs
Node.js, Apache Storm

Apache Storm DRPC client for Node.js.

馃拑 cha-cha-chat
PHP, Lumen, Laravel, SQLite

Simple RESTful server that functions as a chat app, creating to get the hang of PHP.