I have the really cool job of being a Full Stack Developer and doing research on top of that, at the cycloptIntelligent Systems & Software Engineering Labgroup and at the awesome cycloptCyclopt, as the Lead Software Engineer.

I鈥檓 working mainly on a software project management and analytics platform, trying to help developers and managers better understand & improve their codebases鈥 quality, maintainability and security as well as better their processes, using reactReact, nodejsNode.js, expressExpress, mongodbMongoDB, graphqlGraphQL & amazonawsServerless Computing. I also work on building mobile applications using reactReact Native and building backend applications using mostly nodejsNode.js.

Currently, my main focus is to better understand and utilize the jamstackJamstack architecture. I *adore* its cleanliness in separating services and its ease-of-use.

I have also worked on a big data management and analytics platform, using nodejsNode.js, cockroachlabsCockroachDB, Apache apachekafkaKafka and apachesparkSpark, and have experience with pythonPython, javaJava, postgresqlPostgreSQL and cplusplusC++.

I graduated from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, with a Master鈥檚 degree in Electrical & Computer Engineering, mainly focusing in Software Engineering and Development, after completing research on how you can call software components based on their meaning; sqrt(2) call("That function that calculates square roots", 2).

I then got another Master鈥檚 degree from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, this time in Data & Web Science, after completing my research by working on automating deployment of peer-to-peer networks for network simulation.